We mainly hunt 3 of the most popular areas and believe you should have the opportunity to take your trophies where they naturally occur. Some animals will overlap and do occur in all areas, but there are areas that are better for certain trophies.
Zululand - is a subtropical region with rolling hills, thick brush, and a lot of throns. The main lodge is situated on 500 acres which is part of a total 8,000 acres that we actively hunt. Kalahari - sub-sahara region, very dry, semi-wooded area with a lot of sand. Water is limited and therefore very ideal for bowhunting. The lodge is situated on 5,000 acres and has more than 20,000 acres surrounding. This area is also our No. 1 Lion destination. Freestate - dry, brush cover plains with trees not taller than 15ft., generally more open. Although rainfall is higher than the Kalahari, it is still considered a dry region and ideal for bowhunting. The lodge is situated on 3,800 acres and we do have an additional 3,000 acres adjoining this property.